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You know that unique brewery programming attracts the most desirable taproom visitors. We teach spent-grain breadmaking and spent-grain dog treat-making at your brewery taproom using your spent grain. Guests will take a class at your brewery and make bread to bake at home.

Offer relevant and educational entertainment that shows off your beautiful brewery and taproom, increases revenue and makes lasting connections with your guests.

Please reach out for available dates and discuss if your facility can host a class.

EVERY brewery we work at is different. The following overview is a guideline, and we have to adjust our program to your space and your needs, so please make some notes and let us know what aspects don't really fit. We'll figure it out together.


Are you looking to boost revenue on a slow night in your taproom? Offer a Grainbakers class! Oyr classes cost nothing to host.
FREE means no cost to you, no hidden fees, no invoices, no contracts.

Classes are typically 36-48 guests. Guests are encouraged to bring along a non-participating friend who might like to just have a few pints in the taproom. Breweries usually see 40-60 extra guests on a Grainbakers class night.

Each class offers guests the opportunity to have fun and interactive classes, where they can learn to bake with spent grain and learn about the brewing process.

Participants DO NOT BAKE BREAD at your brewery. They make the bread, dog treats, or other spent grain items and leave with it in the first rise. They will bake at home.

Students typically purchase two full-price beers during class, and half of the class usually purchase one 4-pack of beer, generating revenue for your taproom and excellent tips for your staff.

We handle ticketing. We bring all the materials, teach the class and tell YOUR story.
We co-market with you for a sell-out event. We clean up before we leave.

We're from the hospitality & and brewing industry. We get it.

We're on a mission to help small and independent breweries thrive and survive. 

"We" is Caitlin and sometimes a helper friend or two depending on the size of the class. Learn more about her.

For your brewery to host Grainbakers you will need

Space - We're happy to host a class in your brewery production area, event space or right in the middle of your taproom! We need seven 8-foot tables. That's about 900 square feet.

Please have the tables set up for us when we arrive. That's typically 5 PM.

We need 100 pounds of FRESH spent grain. A better way to look at it is SIX 5-gallon pails of grain.

We need a charming & loud Brewer or Owner from your team to give a 15-minute welcome talk. Bring jokes & stickers and be funny.

We typically work with breweries with a 10-30 BBL system on site.

Individual Station.jpg

will bring

Everything needed for class: EVERYTHING: bowls, equipment, ingredients and supplies included a beautiful recipe card.

Each student will have a full set up of tools, bowls and materials set up so your class is impressive, professional and fun.


Grainbakers will bring 1-gallon freezer bags to transport extra spent grain home. Please make sure we have plenty to go home.

Grainbakers will remove all class materials and clean up. Your closing staff will wash and store the tables, sweep and mop as usual after we leave. 

to achieve
Sold-Out Classes

Your assistance with social media and promotion is required to guarantee the class's success. Grainbakers will handle ticketing, but we’ll need your help with FB, IG and website promotion.

Grainbakers will provide your brewery with large, full-color, co-branded Grainbakers posters to advertise the class. (We recommend posting these in prominent places such as entryway doors and restrooms.)


Grainbakers will also provide you with photography and social media assets to advertise your class on your website, FB, IG & Untappd. A portion of our class ticket proceeds will be used to 'boost' these posts, which means advertising for your brewery!

Your Hours
We seek breweries that are open till 9 PM on weeknights. Our classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. If you host a Grainbakers class, you must be open till 9 PM on that night. You need to tell the staff to push back the last call. Tonight is about making some $.

Read the Co-Marketing Expectations


Let's book a class at YOUR brewery!

Our preferred nights of the week are your slow nights like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact Grainbakers

Thanks for submitting! We'll be back to you within 2-3 days.

Grainbakers Classes are presented at the best independent breweries. Grainbakers focuses on supporting family-owned & operated, small American businesses. We are a woman-owned & operated small business business too.

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