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For many years, Caitlin owned a craft brewery and restaurants. Now, she is a baking instructor, designer, painter, mom, and marketing guru.

Over the years, she has taught thousands of guests to make artisan spent grain bread and spent grain dog treats. Having taught Grainbakers classes on the road in New England, she has now relocated to Northern California. In 2023, as a 'Part-time side hustle,' Caitlin taught 37 classes with 1,126 participants and drove 2,321 miles around Northern California. 

In 2024, Caitlin made Grainbakers, her passion, a full-time gig. She travels to brewery-centric cities and is on a mission to help small and independently operated breweries thrive in an incredibly competitive market.  With plans for Boston, San Francisco, Sacramento, Orlando, San Diego, Ashville, and more TBD, she's looking for invites to the most beloved breweries that might like to host a class on a slower mid-week night. 

“Don’t worry! This will be the most fun you’ve had all day!” she greets visitors as they arrive for class. Passionate about the craft beer industry, she helps even the most nervous new bakers get excited and inspired to bake larger, more challenging projects.

Caitlin is a proud member of the Pink Boots Society and an Affiliate Member of the Bay Area Brewer's Guild. 

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