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Thank you, S27 Alehouse & Brewery, a wonderful American Craft Brewery

Grainbakers Friends,

I'm absolutely devastated to share that S27 Alehouse & Brewery is calling it quits. Kathy and Lucas were among my first friends when I moved out to the Bay Area after Covid. They have built an impressive business with some really great #Beer They're beloved for their focus on being innovative and inclusive.

Each of my Grainbakers locations is very dear to me. Typically, these breweries are family-owned and operated. S27 shuttering and Pennyweight Brewing in Livermore means two of my nine locations have decided to close recently. With 14,000 breweries worldwide, 10,000 of those in the United States and over 1,000 in California, I'm seeing some frightened businesses that need all the support they can get.

As a true fan of craft beer, I encourage you to get out and visit S27 one last time and visit your list of favorites - especially focusing on weeknight visits. Treat yourself to a hoodie & a four-pack. I can assure you the meager profits are headed into grateful hands.

Grainbakers is a mobile breadmaking school with a singular mission - to help small American breweries. I hope you'll come out for a class and help show your support.

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