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Canyon Club, Moraga

Grainbakers Classes at Canyon Club Brewing in Moraga offer the delightful Canyon Club Brewpub vibe with an exceptional outdoor beer garden and a fun evening activity. Ample parking ensures your convenience. As you step into the serene outdoor area, you'll immediately feel at ease, embracing the simple pleasures of the moment.


Arrive a little early to enjoy a wonderful dinner,  or opt to dine after the class – either way, the culinary offerings at Canyon Club Brewery Moraga are a true delight not to be overlooked. The beer selection boasts an impressive range, from thoughtful variety to exceptional house brews that cater to all tastes.


Speedy service is a hallmark of Canyon Club Brewery because of its quick and user-friendly QR code ordering system, designed to make your visit effortless and efficient. Canyon Club Brewing isn't just a location; it's an escape. Whether you're seeking solace, reconnecting with friends, or participating in a class, this spot offers the perfect retreat. While you're participating in class, your partner and furry companion can unwind and enjoy themselves in the welcoming beer garden. This is a great location to get away by yourself, catch up with old friends or take the class while your Partner and Pup wait for you in the beer garden.

Canyon Club Brewing, Moraga

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