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Devil's Canyon Brewing, San Carlos

Devil's Canyon isn't open to the public daily; they have these wild 'Beer Fridays' just once a week. With 3-4 food trucks, live music and a huge campus, this place is a party, and you're invited! Devil's Canyon Brewing Company's "Beer Friday" events have become a beloved tradition that epitomizes the perfect fusion of craft beer, camaraderie, and a vibrant community spirit. Every Friday, the brewery transforms into a hub of excitement, drawing in locals and visitors alike for an evening of exceptional brews and lively entertainment. Amidst the rustic industrial backdrop of the brewery, attendees are treated to a remarkable array of freshly brewed beers that cater to a wide spectrum of palates, ranging from classic styles to innovative experimental concoctions. The camaraderie and conviviality of these events are palpable as friends and strangers gather to share stories, laugh, and forge new connections over their shared appreciation for finely crafted libations. With live music, food trucks serving delectable bites, and a relaxed ambiance, Devil's Canyon Brewing's Beer Friday events encapsulate the spirit of a welcoming community united by their love for exceptional beer and memorable experiences.

We typically teach the class in their Barrel Room, a huge space with comfortable temperatures and good sound. Devil's Canyon always takes us to their brewery building for a private tour. This is a great location if you're interested in doing the class by yourself or by you'd like to bring your partner or family. They can hang out in the gigantic backyard beer garden while you're in class. Despite the scope of the size of their events, it never feels too crowded, and you can get parking. (ProTip: check out the street spaces around the back of the facility.) 

Devil's Canyon Brewing is a location where Grainbakers teaches Spent Grain Dog Treats. Stay tuned for dates.

Devil's Canyon Brewing, San Carlos

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