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S27 Alehouse & Brewery, San Jose

Grainbakers Classes at S27 Alehouse & Brewery are always a blast because the vibe is such a fun party. Nestled within the outskirts of San Jose, S27 Alehouse has transformed an unassuming warehouse into a hidden gem for craft beer enthusiasts. This unique establishment deviates from the conventional brewery setting, exuding an industrial charm that adds to its allure. The repurposed warehouse setting imbues S27 Alehouse with a distinctive character, where an open layout creates an inviting and unpretentious ambiance. Amidst this raw backdrop, patrons can explore a curated selection of finely brewed ales, each with its own story and flavor profile. S27 Alehouse's commitment to quality extends to its amenities, as the warehouse space accommodates a welcoming taproom and communal seating areas that encourage interaction among visitors.

Despite its off-the-beaten-path location, S27 Alehouse is equipped with several thoughtful amenities that make the journey worthwhile. The spaciousness of the warehouse setting allows for a relaxed and comfortable environment where patrons can enjoy their brews in peace. The open design also lends itself to occasional live music performances and events, further enhancing the dynamic atmosphere. With an emphasis on maintaining a connection to the surrounding community, S27 Alehouse often hosts gatherings and meetups that foster a sense of camaraderie among like-minded beer aficionados. As visitors sip on carefully crafted ales amidst the warehouse's rustic charm, they partake in a memorable tasting experience and contribute to the establishment's identity as an authentic hub for quality brews and community engagement.

While they started out with a mostly U.K. focus in their portfolio, their Head Brewery, Aaron, has added all the favorites like West Coast & Hazy IPAs. They have a wonderful hard seltzer program too! Don't miss their crazy beer slushies. 

S27 Alehouse is a location where Grainbakers teaches Spent Grain Dog Treats. Stay tuned for dates.

S27 Alehouse & Brewery, San Jose

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