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Epidemic Ales, Concord CA

This is one of those special breweries that somehow makes everyone feel cool. Epidemic Ales in Concord stands out as a true gem in the craft beer landscape, offering an experience that seamlessly blends innovation, community, and a distinct warehouse allure. Housed within an industrial complex in a small warehouse space, the brewery's setting adds an industrial charm to its identity, providing a unique backdrop that reflects its dedication to authenticity and creativity. As visitors step into the warehouse-turned-taproom, they are enveloped in an environment that exudes a sense of exploration and adventure.


The emphasis on inclusivity is palpable, as Epidemic Ales fosters a welcoming atmosphere where everyone, from seasoned beer enthusiasts to newcomers, feels like part of the family. This commitment to inclusivity is more than a sentiment; it's a vibrant pulse that resonates through the interactions, events, and diverse range of craft brews offered. Walking up to the bar, a welcoming team will greet you, and they're fast. In no time, you'll have a beer in hand. When we say friendly, we're not kidding. This is a place where the entire bar will bust out in a John Denver sing-along. Food trucks are reliable, curated and delicious.



Grainbakers Breadmaking classes at Epidemic Ales are in the brewery production side, so you are physically in the brewery where they make the beer. Brewer Shawn or Brewery Owner Erin give the welcome talk and have joined the class to make bread too!

Epidemic Ales is a location where Grainbakers teaches Spent Grain Dog Treats. Stay tuned for dates.

Epidemic Ales, Concord

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